Coolant Filter

Inspired by Jim Lanes coolant filter addition (here). Since I have a manual transmission on this truck I didn’t want the filter hanging off the front of the engine. I made a bracket that bolts to the passenger side engine mount (where the auto transmission heat exchanger bracket bolts) and utilizes the unused space under the exhaust manifold.

Since my steel heater lines were rotten (from previous owners cooling system neglect) I made some new ones out of copper.

From the front.

Fleetguard W/F Head P.N. #204163-S

The copper line is half inch with 5/8s compression fittings soldered to the ends were the existing heater hose slips on. These adapt to 1/2 fip, then into a brass 1/2 mip to 1/2 barb. 1/2 barb to 3/8s mip and an assortment of elbows and couplers to go around the bracket and tie in the valves. the blue 1/2 hose is silicone and I only needed a foot.

Filter Media Cross reference (zero charge filter [no additive])
Fleetguard WF-2077
Baldwin B5134
John Deere RE11992
Caterpillar 9Y4528
Cummins 3300721
Wix 24070
NAPA 4070
AC-Delco WF-108
Fram PR3383
Donaldson P554685
Alliance (Freightliner) WF2077