Dana 60 35 Spline Upgrade Kit

So for some reason I installed this ‘GM/Dodge Dana 60 35 Spline Upgrade Kit w/ Locking Hubs‘ on my truck. Supposedly fits Dodge and Chevy dana 60’s. Installed them, they looked nice, the yukon 4340 shafts look like they belong.



For those that have never seen a warn premium lockout hub:

I had them on for a while, kept wondering why the passenger hub kept trying to lock itself. Finally needed my 4wd and i couldn’t engage one of the hubs.

Wish I had paid more attention to this next photo. Theres way to much space between the inner lockout gear and the snap ring to even keep the water out.

Stubs are too long. Im sort of disappointed with Unitrax, they installed a front airlocker and regear the truck and saw this but didn’t say anything. I had a new snap ring groove cut into it. The machinist didnt cut it exactly where I wanted it. I wish it was a little closer, hopefully close enough to keep it sealed in a water crossing. Then removed the material up to the original snap ring.

I’m not posting the exact measurements of the trimming because it will probably vary based on which hubs you use. Just put the seal and stone guard on then dry fit through the spindle with the inner hub gear on.

There is also another way to approach this, you can run a dana 60 pinion race on the inner side of the hub. I tried this, it spaces each side out enough to run the stubs; but I didnt like how close the nut was to the end of the spindle. Also this gives you enough clearance between the caliper bracket and rotor that the pad backing can slip between.