Skyjacker 4″ lift

Couple snapshots of my lift install. The front springs were easy, the rears were a pain, because you have to get to the bolt between the fuel tank and frame. The lift also brought out the imbalance and dead u-joints on my rear drive line. I had to pull the wedges off the bottom of the spring packs and put some 2 degree shim opposite of the skyjacker ones to get my pinion angle right. Unlike my 91 that had a raiser for the brake lines the 92 did not and required longer brake lines. I bought mine from summit racing but should be available anywhere. Skyjacker SS Brake lines: Front FBL60 Rear RBL60 [note: these are the center drops only and the outer caliper lines aren’t included. ]

Update I’ve also removed the front skyjacker springs for some deavers because the weight of my winch and bumper bottomed them.