Description Specification
General Engine Data
Bore 102mm 4.02in
Stroke 120mm 4.72in
Displacement 5.88l 359cu in
Engine Weight (dry) 399kg 880lb
Firing Order 1,5,3,6,2,4
Valve Clearance – Intake 0.25mm 0.010in
Valve Clearance – Exhaust 0.51mm 0.020in
Compression Ratio 17.5:1
Engine Rotation (viewed from the front) Clockwise
Aspiration Turbocharged + Intercooled
Lubrication System
Oil Pressure at Idle (Min Allowable) 69kPa 10psi
Oil Pressure at Rated (Min Allowable) 207kPa 30psi
Regulating Valve Opening Pressure 448kPa 65psi
Differential Pressure to Open Filter Bypass 138kPa 20psi
Oil Capacity of Pan (upper safe mark) 10.5l 11qt
Oil Capacity of Pan (lower safe mark) 8.6l 9qt
Oil Capacity of Oil Filter 0.95l 1qt
Cooling System
Total Cooling System Capacity (manual)* 15.1l 16qt
Total Cooling System Capacity (auto)* 16.1l 17qt
Coolant Recovery Tank 0.95l 1qt
Cooling Capacity (engine only) 10.5l 11.1qt
Thermostat Range – Start to Full Open 83C to 95C 181F to 203F
Pressure Cap 103kPa 15psi
* Coolant Recovery Tank not included
Intake Air, Exhaust Systems
Max Allowable Intake Restriction at Rated Speed and Load with Dirty Air Filter. 635mm H2O 25in H20
Max Allowable Exhaust Restriction at Rated Speed and Load. 177.8mm Hg 7in. Hg
Fuel System
Max Allowable Restriction to Fuel Lift Pump 95mm Hg 3.75in. Hg
Max Allowable Fuel Return line Restrion 518mm Hg 20.4in. Hg
Fuel Tank Capacity 113 l 30 gal
Electrical System
Min Recommended Battery Capacity 1025CCA
Max Allowable Resistance of Starting Circut 0.0012ohms
Engine Speed Sensor Flywheel Gap .050″
Transfer Case (np205) [85W140 gear oil] 2.13 liters 4.5 pints
Power Steering 1.28 liters 2.7 pints
Dana 60 Front Axle [85W140 gear oil] 3.07 liters 6.5 pints
Dana 70 Rear Axle [85W140 gear oil] 3.31 liters 7 pints
Transmission Manual (getrag g360) [5W30 engine oil] 3.3 liters
(overfill to 4.7l)
3.5 quarts
(overfill to 5qt)
Transmission Manual (nv4500) [Castrol Syntorq LT 75w85] 3.8 liters 4 quarts
Transmission Automatic (727) [ATF] 7.9 liters 8.4 quarts
Transmission Automatic (518) [ATF] 9.6 liters 10.2 quarts